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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to assemble?
  • What are the dimensions of the Booty Kicker?
    • The final assembled size is approximately 37 inches tall, 38 inches wide, 34 inches deep. When folded, it is 34 inches deep, 38 inches wide and 5 inches tall with weight rack (3 inches tall without weight rack). The wooden barre is 38 inches wide, has a diameter of 1.75 inches, and the top of the barre is 37 inches off the ground.
  • What is the Booty Kicker made of?
    • It is made of steel, but the barre is solid natural hardwood. The floor supports have small rubber pads on the underside. The only color available is off white with nickel plated accents.
  • How much weight can the Booty Kicker Barre support?
    • The Booty Kicker can support a maximum of 250 pounds straight down. The weight racks on the bottom of the unit determine how much you can push and pull on it but 15 pounds on both racks is the standard and more weight can be applied to make it sturdier!
  • What size weights do you recommend on the weight rack?
    • Weights are NOT included with the Booty Kicker. The weight racks hold 3 sets of weights. You can use any sized weights you wish, there are many for sale on Amazon for example. If you have no idea, we recommend 3lb, 5lb, and 10lb. The weight racks are made of steel, and the openings are approximately 1.5" wide and 2" deep. They are strong enough to hold any weight that fits. The weight racks are removable as two pieces, you can take them on and off. Each weight rack is attached with three metal bolts, and the wrench is included in the kit.
  • What is the weight and how big is the box it ships in? Will I have to sign for it?
    • The shipping box is 45"x8"x4" and weighs approximately 22lbs. It will not require a signature for delivery!
  • Shipment costs for Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.
    • We are sorry, it just costs us a lot more to ship a large package from Los Angeles to these destinations.
    • Cost to Continental US (48 states) = $18.93
    • Cost for HI and AK: $18.93 + $47 = $66.93
    • Cost to Canada (includes Duties): $18.93 + $29 = $47.93
  • Can you ship internationally?