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Woman leaning against the Booty Kicker fitness barre with one leg stretched out behind her

Booty Kicker

The portable, storable, affordable barre that kicks your booty. Includes fitness barre, with authentic wooden barre, cream colored base with silver accents, and innovative weight racks (weights not included).


  • Authentic Wooden Barre
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Nickel Plated accents
  • Gripping Feet for hardwood or carpet
  • Hinge Design & Quick Release for folding flat
  • Rolling Wheels engage when tilted up
  • Weight Racks (weights not included)

$79.99 + s&h

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Booty Kicker Tablet and Smarty Phone Holder

Tablet/Smart Phone Holder

Watch your favorite barre classes or videos while using your Booty Kicker with this specially designed Tablet/Phone holder. It clamps on the wooden barre, and is easily removed. The colors match your Booty Kicker perfectly and it fits most phones and tablets (maximum width 7.5 inches). The sturdy, aluminum arm can rotate 360 degrees in two different places, plus it has two bending joints so you can position it perfectly and adjust as needed. It is approximately 16" long when fully extended. Your device's USB/power plug is left accessible.

$29.99 + s&h

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Resistance band and woman using resistance band

Resistance Band

Our resistance tubing is 48” long with soft foam handles on either end. Allows exercises on multiple planes of movement, targeting muscles in both upper and lower body. It provides a range of resistance, from 5 to 13 pounds. Can be wrapped around the Booty Kicker barre to work your chest, arms, back, legs and core. Contains latex.

$14.99 + s&h

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Bender Ball and woman using Bender Ball with Booty Kicker

Bender Ball

This mini stability ball (approximately 6-9” in diameter) is the creation of Pilates and Barre Master Trainer Leslee Bender. Allows you to work your abs in extension and flexion with a greater range of motion that a standard crunch. Great for targeting your upper abs, lower abs and side obliques. In addition to supporting your lower back, the Bender Ball can also be used for an alignment aid while working on the Booty Kicker barre – for example between the knees, thighs or ankles - or maintaining a hamstring curl. Also can be used an an instability tool for more advanced exercises. Holds up to 300 pounds.

$14.99 + s&h

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Gliding Discs, and woman using gliding discs

Gliding Discs

These sliding discs are manufactured from a durable high-tech polymer material designed to allow for smooth, natural, low-impact sliding motion on almost any carpeted surface. They provide just the right level of resistance while enabling a smooth, fluid, graceful range of motion to many exercises for constant muscle engagement. Great for lower body push/pull movements on the Booty Kicker barre. Includes one pair of discs.

$14.99 + s&h

Satisfaction Guaranteed